Friday, May 15, 2009


St. George.
What an interesting place.
been here a week and already love it.
I miss KimDuke. End of Story.
I saw KimDuke Driving on the freeway...
We passed while i was on my way to warm springs and she was on the way back to Provo.
So, i was out the window frantically waving my arms at her... And She SAW ME!
On the other side of the freeway.
I teared up, but was with some people from my new ward so I had to keep my composure.
I wouldn't stop talking about her
it was when they asked who are you talking about I realized i hadn't even told them we were going to pass her i had been in my own little world.
Sometimes I'm shy. Sometimes i'm not.
I've noticed i'm more out going when playing sports. [or you could say competitive(I get it from my girlfriend)]
My new Roommates Rock! But, would be 100 times better with the Dukester...
Things will never be the same.
My room is still a storage unit. Meaning I should probably unpack.
I've met lots of random people...But have made few Friends haha. I'm okay with that.

I don't have a bed. What more can i say
....Besides Mamma can i barrow the blow up mattress please?

Friday, May 8, 2009


okay, so we are going to have a yard sale in a couple weeks.
All proceeds go to KimDuke and I to help us purchase scooters.
If you are interested in donating your STUFF :) [ANGEL]... just holla.
I'm being dead serious.
We will be doing yard sales until we have enough to get scooters!! :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Stupid Flys


Here I am In St. George... Its been good. So far. I don't like the fact that KimDuke is not here that is just weird lets be honest.

I do enjoy the fact of not having to worry about my toothbrush being dirty. :)

For those of you who missed out on the story.

I woke up on Wednesday, Minding my own business Brushing my teeth I look down and there is a dead fly sitting on the side of the sink. His poor little body was smushed and his guts were everywhere. I wanted to just ignore the frail body like the KILLER did... But, I couldn't live with myself If i let him lay there in the open lifeless for everyone to see.

So, I did the only thing i could think to do. I grabbed the Q-tip Scooped his poor little body into the sink Turned the water on and down the drain he goes. Poor little guy.

The next day I was telling KimDuke about the fly, and
she goes, "oh ya i was going to clean that up."
Oh you were really? haha
I didn't know weather to believe that or not. I asked her how she Killed it, and
she said, "With your Tooth Brush"
REALLY?? MY TOOTHBRUSH I was going to destroy her.

After we Laughed for who knows how long, She then explained how she killed it with the Bottom or my toothbrush. She told me that was all she could find, because she was bushing her teeth at the time.

I don't know what I am going to do with her...

Next Fly story...

There is this huge FLY that LIVES for some reason in my room! How annoying is that... honestly. So last night I'm laying in my room Pondering this whole moving business and this annoying fly... IS SO LOUD when it fly which isn't very often. But, This fly like lives in my room... IT just hangs out on the wall and watches me. When I walk in and out of the room... THE FLY JUST STAYS ON THE WALL haha AND WATCHES ME!

So, every time i look at it the Clay Aiken song would go through my head! haha. So i pulled it up on YouTube and played the song for my good friend FLy... Now he is just creepin on Kimduke :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Secret

Kimduke and I...(well i guess theres no words to describe this.)


(Melissa... This is post number 3 thank you very much)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A little update...

November 4th!(obviously I never posted this hhaha so im going to add on)
I am amazing haha I went almost a whole year without posting.
It has been a really long time since i have wrote so alot has happened...
Highlight of April...
KimDuke and I went to California...(fun trip) This is when Kimduke Chopped her hair off...Now its getting so long! ahhh.

Kimdukes Long hair... This was last night.

Trip To Cali...Kims short hair.

I went to a dinner for Paul Mitchell, I met my mom in California (i took a cab by myself SCARY!) The dinner was so much fun!

I went to Vegas Three out of the Four weekends in May. Spencer and Zach both left on their missions. Whoa.. Long time ago. It does go by quickly.(its almost feb!)

I moved to las vegas June 18th, best thing ive ever done. I was so ready to get a break from school. I don't care how far behind i am. I had the best experiences while i was out of school... And getting that surgery was the best thing ive ever done.

What happened in July...
I love July 4th... :) 7/11 Slurpee day is amazing... i got my surgery in july. The Dukes took care of me through the whole thing. Kimdukes brother Ryan came home around this time... He wondered who this random girl was, that was always at his house.Doesn't he know i'm basically part of the family!?

August...I went to signature Gathering (hair show for Paul Mitchell In Vegas.) then to Lake Powell with my dad!

We had jet skis that were so sick. we were at the end of a cove and those of you who have ridden jet skis before know they don't have a propeller. So you can go in about 6 inches of water and still be fine.
So Me and Alli would go back there and go whipping in and out of the trees, following each other... but not too close just in case... But then I get on the back of my brothers jet ski and alli gets on the back of my dads and we go back there and we are hauling in and out of the trees. Staying closely behind the other playing follow the leader. My dad would be infront of us and Robbie and i would be behind and were goin and all of a sudden a tree branch is whipping us in the face haha it was so funny we were laughin the whole time. When we would get back from those adventures we would be covered in sage brush, with branches sticking out of our life jackets. hah so funny.

So this one time. I hop on the back of allis Jet ski, and my dad and his wife hop on the other and we go back into the trees haha and me and alli were goin and we lost my dad (we couldn't keep up with the crazy old man.) So were goin being careful we dont want to have a head on collision cause you can see nothing but the tree in front of you. And we were goin and accidentally ran into a full on log. So, the jet ski wont start haha. So i hop off and im diving under the jet ski and i pull a full on bush out... So we about to get it started and here comes my dad HAULING around the corner and ya know were about waving him down and he sees us and all of a sudden his jet ski stops instantly, HE HIT A SAND BAR. His wife about flew over him and he flew straight into the handle bars. (ahh that ones gonna hurt) As soon as i knew they were both alright, I started busting up laughing it was hilarious.
That's the Jist of The first half of the year...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Mamma

Like mother Like Daughter.... we entertain ourselves very well...

My mamma is the most amazing person, and the best example to me. I am so greatful for the influence she has been in my life! I love her so much.

(haha don't you love the picture that goes along with this!?)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Kimdukes Boyfriend...

I'm a genius i know...Okay maybe it was Kimduke but i was able to stick my memory card in the printer and get my pictures of my camera! they are no longer stuck....

Happy valentines day Kimduke... This is kimdukes 14th valentine this one is her boyfriend. His name is fluffy. He gladly greeted her at the airport with a bouquet of roses. Don't think this was from me cause I'm not taking the credit for this sweet valentine... Okay so i was jealous... This lucky girl has men wrapped around her finger...she just knows the game to play...when ya gonna teach me Kimduke haha Love love.

Dont mess with us ladies...we can hold our own...

The Rubber band guns we got for our birthday...

In the elevator at Mandalay bay...chillin with my homie...
Or as Ryan would write...Chillin Wit Da Homies.

Sunkissed... We are golden children (or golden girls haha take your pick)

I can't wait to see my best friend this weekend...I swear i cant go a day without seeing her how do you think i am dealing with a month without seeing her?(oh wait i saw her last weekend...hah shows how much i miss her) I miss the family too of course.